Pardot audit

Get an Itemized List of Everything You Need to Optimize your Pardot Account

AutomationFix’s Basic Technology Audit is designed to give you a complete evaluation of your current Pardot set up. 

Here are some sample document images from a recent audit. Every audit we do comes complete with everything you need to start implementing.

The AutomationFix Basic Technology Audit

The AutomationFix Basic Technology Audit is a variation of our free Pardot Feature Checklist. It is a much deeper analysis that our team does of your particular Pardot account. 

We evaluate every part of your Pardot account for you. 

What you get at the end is a comprehensive to do list that you can take back to your team to implement. In most cases, this list of changes is everything you need to get your Pardot account in sync with the latest best-practices. In other words, it’s the list of to-do items you need to implement before you can get to the fun stuff.

Here’s the list of documents you’ll receive once we’re done:

What You Get:

A shareable PowerPoint presentation of everything we found (in your template or ours) to help you sell the implementation project internally.

A complete reference to everything we evaluated detailing each issue we found and the appropriate action items that will need to be implemented.

All of the raw data and analysis (including our internal notes) for everything we evaluated. This usually takes the form of a giant Excel workbook.

How Much It Costs:

Generally we can evaluate the costs for your particular audit with a short phone call. If you’re interested in getting a more accurate quote, fill out the form on this page or give us a call at the number on the top of this page.

How Long It Takes:

Most audits take around 14 days to complete, but if you’d like a more accurate timeline for your particular project, just give us a call or use the form on this page.

What Happens After:

After we’re done and have walked you through everything, you have a few options.

One option is to throw everything away and pretend like nothing happened. But that doesn’t usually happen in smart organizations like yours ;).

A more reasonable option is to have either your team or our team begin implementing the action items you’ve received in your audit. We prioritize these action items for you so you can allocate resources and project plans accordingly. 

If you choose to use us for your implementation needs, we generally just hop on the phone and work out an agreement to start. Our turnaround time on these agreements is usually just 1-3 days. So essentially, you could conceivably start working on implementation within 24 hours of receiving your audit materials.

How to Get Started:

To get started, we need to have a short conversation. Most of the time, we can give you our pricing and a timeline from a 15 minute conversation. If you would like to schedule a time to chat, just use the form below to schedule a call.





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