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The 61-Point Salesforce Feature Checklist and Audit Tool

Use this checklist to determine how effectively you’re using Salesforce’s features. The list covers every feature of Salesforce as laid out in the official documentation. 


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Table of Contents

1. Sales Features (21 Check Points)

Automate your dream team! Lead Assignment Rules in Salesforce get new leads in front of the perfect rep based on the criteria you set. No more lead grabbing, just focus on closing deals. Are you using Lead Assignment Rules to streamline your lead routing?

Team up like a boss! Queues in Salesforce distribute leads, cases, or custom objects fairly among your team. No more work overload or missed opportunities – it’s like a virtual handoff station for tasks.

Data on autopilot! Lead Conversion Field Mapping in Salesforce automatically populates new contact, account, or opportunity fields with info from your leads. No more duplicate data entry, just smooth sailing from lead to close.

Spotlight your hottest leads! Lead Intelligence View in Salesforce highlights key insights about your leads right on the lead record. See engagement levels, prioritize hot prospects, and take action – all within one streamlined view. It’s like having a built-in crystal ball for lead qualification.

Dive deeper into your contacts! Contact Intelligence View in Salesforce highlights key insights and engagement data right on the contact record. Understand your contacts better, personalize outreach, and build stronger relationships – all within the familiar contact view.

Get the full picture of your accounts with Account Intelligence View in Salesforce! This feature highlights key insights and trends right on the account record, helping you understand your accounts better. See things like past interactions, buying behavior, and potential opportunities – all in one place. Use these insights to personalize outreach, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

Roadmap to revenue! Sales Paths in Salesforce visualize your sales process. See each deal’s progress at a glance, with clear guidance on what steps to take next. It’s your built-in GPS for closing deals faster.

Forget hunting for crucial info! Key Fields in Salesforce highlight the essentials for each sales stage, keeping your focus on what matters most. Think of it as a personalized cheat sheet for success.

Stuck on a step in Salesforce? Guidance for Success offers helpful tips and reminders directly on records within the platform. It’s like a built-in coach to keep your team on track.

Craft your CRM to perfection! Custom Objects in Salesforce let you store information unique to your business. Go beyond standard objects like leads and contacts, and create custom fields and objects to perfectly match your sales process, industry, or specific needs. It’s like building custom building blocks for your Salesforce world.

Power up your sales conversations with Einstein Next Best Action! This Salesforce gem uses AI to suggest the most effective next steps for each deal, based on customer data and past wins. Imagine having a real-time coach whispering sales strategies in your ear.

Bundle up for success! Opportunity Products in Salesforce link your products or services to specific sales opportunities. Track quantities, pricing, and key details for each item in a deal. It’s a built-in order builder, keeping your quotes and opportunities on the same page.

Forecast with finesse! Product Schedules in Salesforce predict when revenue or product deliveries will happen for each opportunity. No more guessing games – visualize cash flow and plan deliveries with confidence.

Teamify your accounts! Account Team Member Roles in Salesforce assign specific roles (like “Account Owner” or “Executive Sponsor”) to users working on an account. This clarifies ownership, spotlights key players, and fosters better collaboration within your sales team.

High five the whole squad! Opportunity Team Member Roles in Salesforce assign specific roles (like “Sales Engineer” or “Solution Architect”) to users collaborating on a deal. It ensures everyone knows their part, fosters teamwork, and keeps the deal moving forward smoothly.

Understand who’s who! Contact Roles in Salesforce map out how different contacts influence deals. Know who decides, who approves budgets, and who holds the key to closing the sale. It’s your secret weapon for navigating complex accounts.

Streamline approvals! Approval Processes in Salesforce automate record sign-offs. Set criteria, assign approvers, and watch deals get greenlit smoothly. No more bottlenecks, just efficient go-ahead decisions.

Big Deal Alert to the rescue! This Salesforce feature sends out automatic notifications when a hot opportunity hits your pre-set criteria (like size and win probability). Get your team rallying behind these potential big wins before they slip through the cracks.

Inbox whisperer activated! Einstein Email Insights in Salesforce analyzes your emails and provides real-time guidance. Get suggested talking points, see important deal context, and craft winning emails faster. Think – sales coach for your inbox.

Ditch the data entry drudge! Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce automatically syncs your emails, events, and contacts with Salesforce. Emails and meetings become a breeze, and your data stays up-to-date with minimal effort. It’s like having a magic mirror reflecting your real-world interactions in Salesforce.

Treat every lead like a VIP! Person Accounts in Salesforce manage individual contacts as accounts. Perfect for freelancers, consultants, or solopreneurs.

2. Marketing Features (2 Check Points)

Funnel magic! Web-to-Lead in Salesforce seamlessly captures website form submissions as new leads. Turn website visitors into qualified leads automatically, with no manual data entry needed. It’s your lead gen shortcut!

Track marketing magic! Campaigns in Salesforce tie your marketing efforts together. See what resonates with customers, measure ROI, and optimize future campaigns. It’s your all-in-one command center for marketing success.

3. Reporting Features (5 Check Points)

Stay in the loop visually! Subscribe to Dashboards in Salesforce and get automatic updates with the latest data visualizations delivered straight to your inbox. See how your KPIs are trending at a glance, without ever leaving your email.

Ditch the data downloads! “Subscribe” to reports in Salesforce and get them delivered to your inbox at scheduled intervals. No more manual refreshes – stay informed with automatic updates on your most critical data.

Craft custom insights! Salesforce lets you build reports tailored to your specific needs with Custom Report Types. Go beyond standard reports and analyze data exactly how you want, for a clearer view of your sales funnel, team performance, or any other key metric.

Predict your future! Sales Forecasting in Salesforce helps you visualize projected sales based on your pipeline. Spot potential shortfalls early, adjust strategies, and close the gap between pipeline and reality. It’s your crystal ball for guiding revenue growth.

Lock in key metrics! Reporting Snapshots in Salesforce capture historical data from reports at a specific point in time. This lets you track trends and compare past performance against current results. Think of it as a time capsule for your sales data.

4. Email Features (4 Check Points)

Drag-and-drop design magic! Lightning Email Builder in Salesforce lets you create visually stunning and engaging email templates without any coding. Build professional email layouts, personalize content with merge fields, and craft high-converting marketing messages in minutes. It’s like having a built-in email design studio within Salesforce.

Simplify outreach! Email Templates in Salesforce store pre-written email content for common scenarios. Personalize these templates with merge fields for a human touch, and send consistent, high-quality emails faster than ever. It’s your library of pre-crafted messages to save you time and effort.

Shield your email reputation! DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) in Salesforce digitally signs your outgoing emails. This helps recipient servers verify your identity and ensure your emails haven’t been tampered with. DKIM boosts email deliverability, landing your messages safely in inboxes, not spam folders.

Organization-Wide Email Addresses in Salesforce let you send emails from a central address, like “” instead of individual user addresses. This promotes a professional image, keeps replies organized, and clarifies who the email comes from.

5. Productivity Features (13 Check Points)

Search smarter, work faster! Einstein Search in Salesforce supercharges the global search bar with AI. Get personalized results, natural language search, and take action directly from search results. It’s like having a super-powered search assistant built right into Salesforce.

Forget data overload! List Views in Salesforce let you filter and display leads, contacts, or opportunities exactly how you want. Choose Kanban for a visual pipeline, Split View to compare lists, or Table for a classic view. It’s your personalized data dashboard in just a few clicks.

Streamline support requests! Web-to-Case in Salesforce lets website visitors submit support tickets directly from your website. These submissions automatically turn into new cases within Salesforce, eliminating manual data entry and speeding up resolution times. It’s a one-click shortcut to capturing customer issues and getting your help desk rolling.

Inbox to resolution! Email-to-Case in Salesforce automatically converts incoming emails into new cases. Emails are transformed into cases complete with relevant details, reducing manual data entry and streamlining your support process.

Automate issue prioritization! Escalation Rules in Salesforce automatically elevate cases that meet certain criteria. Set rules based on factors like case age, priority level, or subject matter. When triggered, these rules can reassign cases to specialists, notify relevant team members, or send automated alerts. It’s a virtual triage system, ensuring critical issues get the right attention fast.

Route cases like a pro! Case Assignment Rules in Salesforce automatically assign incoming cases to the perfect rep based on the criteria you set. No more manual case distribution or missed deadlines – it’s like a smart switchboard for your support team.

Foster collaboration with Chatter! This built-in social network in Salesforce lets your team share updates, collaborate on deals, and ask questions – all within the platform. Think of it as a virtual watercooler for fostering communication and keeping everyone in the loop.

Craft engaging surveys directly within Salesforce with the built-in Survey feature! Gather valuable feedback from leads, contacts, or customers with no coding required. Choose from multiple question types, personalize the look and feel, and analyze results all in one place. Bonus: It’s free to use for the first 300 responses!

Heads up! Notification Builder in Salesforce deliver pop-up alerts within the platform. Keep users informed about important updates or trigger notifications based on specific events. It’s like a built-in notification center to keep everyone on the same page.

Ditch the one-size-fits-all! Dynamic Page Layouts in Salesforce adapt to users. Show only relevant fields, hide unnecessary ones, all based on criteria you set. It’s like having personalized data entry forms for every situation.

Run from anywhere! The Salesforce Mobile App puts the power of Salesforce in your pocket. Access leads, contacts, deals, and more on the go. Stay productive and close deals even when you’re away from your desk.

Spruce up your Salesforce! Custom Branding lets you personalize the platform with your company logo, colors, and fonts. Give your users a familiar and branded experience that reflects your unique style.

Experiment safely with Sandboxes! Think of them as test environments for Salesforce. Make changes, test new features, and train users without affecting your live data. It’s a playground for innovation, separate from your critical business operations.

6. Data Hygiene Features (3 Check Points)

Find duplicates in a flash! Matching Rules in Salesforce identify potential duplicate records based on the criteria you set. Think of them as smart data detectives, flagging similar leads, contacts, or accounts so you can avoid creating clutter and keep your data squeaky clean.

Zap duplicate data! Duplicate Rules in Salesforce take action when potential duplicates are found. Set them to warn users, block saves, or even merge records automatically. They’re like data janitors, keeping your Salesforce spotless and organized.

Safeguard your data! Validation Rules in Salesforce act like data bouncers. Set criteria to prevent users from saving records with incorrect or missing information. Ensure clean, accurate data and avoid messy mistakes down the line.

7. Security Features (7 Check Points)

See the changes unfold! Field History Tracking in Salesforce keeps a record of every change made to important fields. Like a time machine for your data, you can see who edited what, when, and why. Ensure data integrity, pinpoint errors, and gain valuable insights into how your information evolves over time.

Define user roles with Profiles! Salesforce Profiles act like blueprints, specifying which objects users can access, what actions they can take, and system-wide permissions they hold. Assign profiles based on user roles (e.g., Sales Rep, Marketing Manager) to control what each user can see and do within Salesforce.

Grant access with ease! Permission Sets in Salesforce give users specific tools and features without modifying entire profiles. Think of them as permission packages you can assign to users based on their roles. It’s a flexible way to manage user access and keep things tidy.

Simplify user permissions with Roles! In Salesforce, Roles control what data users can see within the platform. Think of them as building blocks for Profiles. Stacking different Roles within a Profile grants users access to specific sets of data relevant to their job function. It’s a way to create a granular permission structure for your Salesforce org.

Bundle permissions for efficiency! Permission Set Groups in Salesforce let you combine multiple permission sets into a single unit. Assign the group to users, granting them the combined permissions of all the included sets. Imagine them as permission bundles you can assign based on user needs. It simplifies permission management and reduces the need for complex profiles.

Collaborate openly! Public Groups in Salesforce are like online communities within the platform. Anyone in your organization can join, share information, and discuss topics relevant to their work. It’s a great way to break down silos, foster knowledge sharing, and keep everyone on the same page.

Shield your Salesforce data! Security Health Check in Salesforce is your built-in security checkup tool. Run a quick scan to identify potential security vulnerabilities in your settings. See your security posture at a glance and get recommendations for improvement. It’s like a security coach for your Salesforce org, keeping your data safe and sound.

8. Integrations (6 Check Points)

Break down silos and boost sales! Integrate marketing tools like HubSpot and Pardot with Salesforce. Create a seamless journey for leads, nurture them with targeted campaigns, and track their progress all within Salesforce. Marketing and sales become a dream team, driving qualified leads straight to your sales pipeline.

Supercharge your sales team with integrated sales enablement tools! These apps (like Salesloft or connect seamlessly with Salesforce, putting content, playbooks, and coaching right at reps’ fingertips. Imagine streamlining outreach, personalizing emails, and tracking engagement – all within your CRM. It’s a win-win for boosted sales productivity and happy, data-driven reps.

Unleash your sales team’s potential with a dialer integrated directly into Salesforce! Tools like RingCentral and Dialpad streamline workflows by auto-dialing leads and logging calls within Salesforce. Imagine: fewer clicks, more talk time, and valuable customer data at your fingertips. Boost efficiency and close more deals!

Streamline your sales cycle and ditch the printing with e-signature integrations for Salesforce! Imagine getting contracts signed instantly, all within the platform. Tools like DocuSign, PandaDoc, and Conga Sign) connect seamlessly with Salesforce. No more chasing down physical signatures – it’s faster, smoother closing for you and happier customers.

Streamline your sales cycle and boost efficiency by integrating a payment processing tool like Stripe or QuickBooks with Salesforce. Seamlessly accept payments within Salesforce, eliminating manual data entry and speeding up the close process. Say goodbye to chasing invoices and hello to faster cash flow!

Ditch the app switch! The Salesforce and Slack integration lets you collaborate directly within Slack. Share updates, get notified on lead changes, and take key sales actions – all without leaving your Slack workspace. Boost teamwork and keep everyone on the same page.





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